According to Tourstic Act from 1st July 1998 all hunting events takes place only with guide (European Passport of Firearm and Kolibri’s Voucher).

From 1st May 2004 European Union citizens can brought firearm to Poland on European Passport of Firearm basis, if this weapon’s data are inserted in this document and its transfer is justifiable. Our voucher is confirmation of hunting legality.

Both documents are required if you wish to hunt in Poland territory.

If you do not have European Passport of Firearm you can transfer weapon to Poland if you have special acceptation for transferring weapon and ammunition which can be issued by any Polish consul. You can get this acceptation in any dypolomatin office of Poland. You need to have our voucher and you need to provide number and caliber of the weapon.

Hunters in Poland have to comply with polish hunting law and special animal protection periods. Breaking this regulations will cause cash penalty in the amount of 100% animal value.

Shooting animal which is protected by law can cause – on law enforcement’s request – criminal or fiscal responsibility.

Basic hunting rules in Poland (applies to group huntings in period 15.10-31.01)