Europa :

  • Roe deer – Poland, Hungary, South England, Serbia, Kurgan, Kustanai
  • Red deer – Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Scotland, Belarus, Romania, CzechRepublic, New Zealand, Argentina
  • Fallow deer-Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Argentina, New Zealand
  • Sika Deer: Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia, Ireland
  • Wolf / lynx: Russia, Belarus
  • Chamois: Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia
  • Capricorn: Austria, Switzerland, Spain
  • small game – Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Spain
  • Mouflon- Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia
  • Boar – Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey
  • Hunting driven – Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Belarus, Spain
  • Bear: Russia, Romania
  • Moose: Belarus, Canada, Estonia, Russia, Kamchatka, Alaska
  • Puma: Argentina, Canada

Azja :

  • Roe deer – Kurgan
  • Bear – Kamchatka
  • Moose – Kamchatka
  • Wild sheep – Kamchatka, Iran, Pakistan
  • Capricorn – Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Pakistan
  • Hunting driven: Iran, Pakistan


  • Noble deer Argentina
  • Moose – Alaska, Canada
  • Puma – Argentina, Canada
  • Bison – USA
  • Walrus – Canada
  • Fallow deer – Argentina
  • Bear- Alaska, Canada
  • small game – Argentina

Afryka :

  • sable (South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania)
  • waterbuck (South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania)
  • eland (South Africa)
  • kudu (South Africa, Namibia)
  • zebra (Namibia, Tanzania)
  • oryx (South Africa, Namibia)
  • warthog (South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania)
  • hartebeest (Namibia)
  • imapala (Namibia, Tanzania)
  • strip Gnu (Namibia)
  • buffalo (South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia)
  • nyala (South Africa)
  • bushbuck (South Africa, Tanzania)
  • reedbuck (South Africa, Tanzania)
  • blesbok (South Africa)
  • lion (South Africa, Tanzania)
  • leopard (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania)
  • hippo (South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia)
  • rhino (South Africa)
  • roan (South Africa, Tanzania)
  • antelopes (Zimbabwe, Tanzania)
  • elephant (Tanzania)
  • gerenuk (Tanzania)
  • greater Kudu (Tanzania)
  • lesser Kudu (Tanzania)
  • crocodile (Tanzania, Zambia)
  • Lichtenstein’s hartebeest (Tanzania)
  • Grant’s gazelle (Tanzania)
  • hyena (Tanzania)
  • duiker (Cameroon)
  • dwarf buffalo (Cameroon)
  • sitatunga (Cameroon)

Noble deer


Deer inhabits all the larger forest complexes, both in the mountains and the lowlands. The most numerous deer occurs in Pomerania and in the western part of the country. The most valuable populations of this species occur in the Carpathians and in the region of Warmia and Mazury.

Fallow deer


In Poland it occurs in isolated areas, in different types of habitat of forest, mostly in Wielkopolska and at the mouth of the Vistula. Original trophy makes fallow deer hunting very attractive.

Roe deer


In Poland, there are roe deer all over the country except the high parts of the mountains. The value of Polish roe deer trophies is very high and a lot of trophies acquired in Poland is among the global leaders.



Mouflon occurs in Poland in the Sudetenland. Hunting on mouflon takes place in the fall by the stalking or hunting blinds. Stalking is difficult, due to the vigilance of these animals and their excellent eyesight and hearing.

Wild Boar


With the exception of the high mountains wild boar occurs throughout the country. The largest populations are in the West; the most powerful wild boar can be found in central and eastern Poland. Trophies Polish wild boars are among the most powerful in Europe.



Partridges inhabit almost all regions of the country, outside the heavily wooded surroundings and mountain. The highest states of these beautiful birds occur in the central regions of the country. Hunting on partridges take place in Poland in the autumn with dogs.



Pheasants occurs most abundant in southern and central Poland. On roosters hunted in the autumn and winter with a specially arranged dogs. Pheasants are also bred in breeding centers animals Polish Hunting Association.



Hunting on geese are organized in the Zachodniopomorskie, Lubuskie, Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia. Most abundant occurs in the northern and western parts of the country.



The fox is in the Poland one of the game species and is found in large numbers throughout the country.